Tiff K

The name’s Tiff K and I’m a truth-seeker. I’ve been scratching the surface that is our amazing world and sharing it virtually since 2003. It’s amazing to see how I’ve grown in this little corner of the Internet and I have met so many amazing friends along the way.

My friends would fondly remember me as jynxypanda and I still use that alias on my Twitter and Instagram feed but I would like to think that I have evolved to something like a metahuman.

I’ve learned what it means to live consciously and intentionally through the various philosophers and teachers such as Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Khalil Gibran and Rumi among mothers. I’ve been applying the Law of Attraction and meditating frequently since 2019 and it’s not only taken me on amazing experiences but it’s also let me practice – wait for it – telekinesis! It was like I was making various dreams come true (and yes I have always wanted to do magic). The Universe has so much to give to each of you and its abundance is just OUT THERE waiting for you.

If you’re still reading and have not thought that I’m a lunatic already, then welcome. Let’s be friends. 🙂 I can’t wait to share with you all my learnings.

Aside from being a metahuman, I’m an aspiring voice actress, hotelier and consultant. I can’t call myself a personal coach yet but I try to help my friends and people as much as possible especially with regards to personal development and psychology. Experience is the greatest teacher and I believe that’s all the coaching that you really need.

I’m also into astrology, yoga, books, movies, and travelling all over the world. If I remember other interests, I’ll update this from time to time.

As my wise friend once said,

If Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed can talk to God directly, you CAN to.

Ending with this food for thought. 🙂